I am a photographer and photojournalist based in Tampere, Finland. 

I have a Master's Degree in Visual Journalism from Tampere University and a Bachelor's Degree in Art and Visual Culture from ARCIS University located in Santiago de Chile.

I'm currently working on a personal documentary project Vuoksi, which focuses on foreign parents who after divorce have decided to stay in Finland to stay present in their child's life. 

In my personal work I tend to focus on social thematics related to human rights, immigration and equality. I'm interested in highlighting different social structures by telling people's personal stories though my photography.

I'm fluent in Spanish and intrigued to work on any photojournalistic projects related to Latin America, where I feel greatly like at home.

I'm available for assignments in Finland and abroad.

henriettasoininen@gmail.com / +358407554321

You can also find me on Instagram @henriettasoininen

My portrait was taken by Usva Torkki.


2021       Tampere University, Master in Social Sciences, Visual Journalism

2016       ARCIS University, Bachelor of Art, Photography


2023       Patricia Seppälä Foundation


2024       Patricia Seppälä Foundation: Stories of Loneliness

2022       Finnish Press Photographers Association: Long term documentary projects


2022       Kohdatut, Allianssi-talo, Helsinki, www.kohdatut.fi

2015       Vieras maa, Martin kulttuuriolohuone, Turku

2015       Skin color, Lira Bar Galería, Santiago de Chile

2011       Siskot, Kortteliravintola Kerttu, Turku


2020       From Turkey to Hervanta in a group exhibition at Tampere University

2016       If I scream hopefully they’ll hear me in a group exhibition at ARCIS University 

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